A collection of information, advice and helpful tips from the collective of experts we have here at The Grove Academy. From practical information regarding the development of your child, to recipes from our Grove kitchen.

Fruity Yoghurt Pops

Try our recipe for Fruity Yoghurt Pops


Our staff members’ favourite family-friendly beaches

In honour of Summer Fun Week that we’re celebrating here at TGA this week, we’ve compiled a list of our staff members’ favourite family-friendly beaches!


Introducing Exercise at a Young Age

Body Introducing Exercise at a Young Age With young children, physical activities is a great chance for them to move around and work together with other children. It’s really imnportant for parents and guardidnas to introduce and intergrate physical exercise into childrens everday life. In doing so – this can create a foundation of movement […]


Managing Christmas with Young Children

Once you have children, Christmas becomes more magical than any other time in your life. With that, it can also be challenging trying to manage routines, stay on top of your workload with the added tasks the season brings; add in attending events every weekend throughout December and what should be a joyous time turns into chaos.

Speech Pathology is 😊😎

This World Emoji Day, lets look beyond the cute pictures into how they can help children that have difficulties communicating.


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